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Looking for a Job?

Believe it or not career fairs still exist! We know, its super old school but attending a  fair is beneficial. We recommend all new college grads and college seniors attend at least one. Many walk away with a potential job offer and experience interacting with professionals in their field. Where do you find a fair? Click here

Looking for daily tips and motivation?

Look no further! Career Savage is highly active on instagram giving followers advice at their finger tips. Click here and follow @CareerSavage

Looking for Resume tips?

A million and 1 people will tell you how your resume should look. It will be frustrating but in reality your resume should change based on the roles you are applying to. If not, its like using the same key for different doors. Career Savage has studied the art of crafting a good resume. However, if our resume services exceed your budget no worries! We still want to help. Visit HuffPost | Resume tips. We think their articles are a great guide for resume building!

Looking to start your own business?

Stop looking for steps and just start! The best way to see your ideas come to fruition is to just start and learn along the way. If that wasn't motivating enough and you are still searching for tips, get in contact with Career Savage. Also, visit Forbes | How to Start a Business in 2018. 

College isn't for everyone!

Anyone who tells you success is only achievable with a BS is BS'ing! There are many careers that do not require a bachelors. Don't believe us? See for yourself. Career Savage will also help you map out a career without a Bachelors. All you need to do is purchase a plan!

 Ngozi Kim is a Producer and Actress living in Los Angeles. She moved from Houston, Texas to pursue her passions. Watch the entire video for insight on her career journey.   

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